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Wine Country Bike Tours: A Walkthrough

With the increasing passion to take up wine country bike tours among people across the world, this arena of tourism has started gaining enormous importance among millions around the world. But are all of us aware of what this is all about? The following article helps you to get educated on the wine country bike tours in detail.

Wine Country: An Overview

Wine Country is a term that is used to refer to the geographical locations that grow wine grapes and are well known for their wine tourism which attracts millions annually across the Globe.

More commonly, the term entails the regions of Northern California namely the Napa Valley and the Sonoma County. While Woodinville wine region refers to the region located to the North of Seattle which contains the wineries of the Washington’s state, Hunter valley wine country refers to the region north of Sydney in Australia.

What can you expect at the Wine Country Bike Tours?

The traditional wineries pose to be the knowledge source of those who are interested in making a career in beer making. People who are keen to know about the process of wine making in detail take up wine country bike tours that offer the time and the exposure to learn about the entire process in detail.

The wine country bike touring people also get the rare opportunity of tasting the best quality wine across the world. Hiking hot air ballooning, visit to the historical places and enjoying the scrumptious culinary are the other activities that often attract the wine country bike tourists. Ossified woods and the spring baths that are hot are the other attractions that often form a part of these easy bike tours.

The wine sommeliers and chefs who come for wine country bike tours to the Napa valley and Sonoma county regions not only enjoy the learning curve that they undergo but are also fascinated by the personal meetings that they are able to have with the world class chefs like Sondra Bernstein and Thomas Keller.

Being one of the hottest tourist spot, the wine country bike tour to the Napa valley constitute a 30 mile bike ride that ends at Calistoga. Wine country bike tours arranged by the travel agents often provide insight into three or four of the 400 existing wineries of the Napa valley. Self guided bike tours in this area can be planned based on the taste/ liking and the budget of the individuals who take it up.

Yet another attraction that lingers with the wine country bike tours is the possibility of taking home quality wines at discounted prices. With this basic idea, if you are planning to pursue a career in wine/beer making, it’s worth taking up a wine country bike tour that takes you through the best wineries of the world.

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