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The Beauty of a Rainforest Canopy Tour

Millions of tourists around the world book trips to usual destinations since they have experienced safe surroundings and cozy service in such places. Nevertheless, there some types of tours like the rainforest canopy tour that create a different advneture in one’s vacation. For one, it means booking a trip to an exotic destination in west Carribean – Antigua. In fact, Antigua is part of the country of Antigua and Barbuda where the rich and famous own a vacation home for its pristine beaches and mild tropical climate. Most of all, this is the perfect location of the rainforest canopy tour that promise a lot of excitement to the participants.

The rainforest canopy tour in Antigua includes a 21-element experience which starts with a walk from the Old Pump house. The tour is very stimulating since one has to walk through a suspension bridge that reminds you of Indiana Jones. It’s disorienting at first since the suspension bridge hangs on a deep gorge. However, this is just an example of exciting challenges in store ahead for the participants. The usual features of the rainforest canopy tour are 9 zip lines that ends in the “Leap of Faith”. This Leap of Faith is a safely controlled 36 foot vertical descent safely supervised by the rangers.

This rainforest canopy tour awesome as one goes through 5 zip lines that are at least 200 feet long that covers the gorge. Imagine being suspended 200 to 300 feet high over the rainforest and screaming at the top of your lungs! But this is does not signal the end since the 5th zip called “Screamer” is a challenge for the brave since it spans 328 feet long. Nonetheless, this zip line delivers you to the bar and café where you fill up as much as you want after being exhausted. No wonder part of the tour is named Stairway to Heaven since it’s the perfect stop after all the action. It would also be a good timing to go for some souvenir shopping and taking photos. There are also two lovely tree-houses hidden in the forest where one can savor fresh air and wonderful scenery.

However, there are some requirements that must be fulfilled before joining the rainforest canopy tour. It is suggested that women wear shorts or trousers and must at least be 5 feet in height. Surely, one must be healthy and no history of heart problems. If you meet the requirements, then there’s no stopping you from joining the rainforest canopy tour.

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