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Mira River Boat Tours

Canada is known for its spectacular scenery, and recreational boating is an excellent way to take in some of the best sights and sounds that Canada has to offer. The Mira River in particular is very relaxing and scenic, and as such is a very popular spot for boating enthusiasts. Mira River boat tours have plenty to offer both locals and tourists, but there are a few things to keep in mind before jumping aboard.

Mira River Boat Tours journey times will all depend on the tour operator and what additional activities will be available on the tour. Most companies offer half-day and full-day Mira River Boat Tours, with some offering overnight return tours (usually with guesthouse or ‘bed & breakfast’-style accommodation). Extra time is generally allocated for people to enjoy water-sports or visit sights along the way.

There are some definite essentials that need to be taken along when going on a Mira River Boat Tour. They are things like a camera or camcorder, binoculars, overnight bag (if you’re staying over), sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are absolutely essential. Swimming costumes, towels and fishing gear is optional (fishing gear may even be provided by the tour company). Depending on the weather and time of year, if you’re doing a full-day tour it might be wise to bring warm clothes. Some tour boats offer food and beverages; others require to bring picnic-style food.

Mira River boat tours offer passengers the opportunity to witness fabulous scenery, encompassing forests, national parks, local flora and fauna and many other elements. Highlights include Marion Bridge, Two Rivers Wildlife Park, Cape Breton and the village of Odemira. Depending on the length of the tour, passengers may also get the opportunity to explore national parks and other scenic areas along the way.

The Mira River’s unspoilt waters and majestic scenery lend themselves to a variety of water-sports and other pursuits. Popular options on Mira River boat tours include fishing, swimming, water-skiing on the river itself; tour boats may also stop off at local attractions such as national parks and villages.

Whether you are a tourist wanting to take in the sights of the Mira River, or a local looking for a relaxing break, Mira River boat tours are a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, a day or overnight. There is plenty to keep fishing enthusiasts, water-sports lovers or even people who just want to take in the scenery happy. Knowing what to expect and what to do and see beforehand will only make your experience more enjoyable.

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