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Learning What The European Tour Order Is!

When it comes to golfing, most of us think that it is a lot of hob knobbing and business agreements being generally discussed on the green, but little do we realise that this is still a serious game for some people out there. One of the first things an avid golfer would know is about, is the european tour order. Of course they are going to want to know who won who and when, and who is the best and how much money they have won to date.

When you talk about the european tour order, this is usually the european golf tour order you are talking about. Well, not everyone knew what the hell you were talking about at first when you mentioned the european tour order. Yes, the confusion is easily understandable, but you will be quickly rectified by the avid golfer that it has everything to do with golf in their opinion.

General Knowledge Golfing Names

The european tour order is the rankings of the professional players who play for a living, with the information of how much earnings they have earned playing professional. Those whose names we hear so often such as Seve Ballesteros, Ernie Els, Gary Player, Tiger Woods and so forth.

Surely you cannot say you have not heard any of these names before in your life, well if you have not then it is seriously time to get some general knowledge education. While some of these international names have been playing golf for years if not decades, and some have retired already but their names do still linger on the lips of some who remember them, even though they may have been remotely interested themselves in the game of golf.

Who Is Listed On The List?

It is not uncommon to hear the words of the european tour order in other sporting arenas, but in general it is referred to for golfing. The european tour order does not mean that there are only Europeans involved in the game, but has to do with the amount of european money they have earned too, in other words how many euro’s they have earned to date.

This does not include any others who may have a passion for the game and been added to the game for trying to one day get into the rankings. Yes, the european tour order does list quite a number of people in the rankings, but the list could go on forever. But one thing is for sure if they didn’t have a euro limit to stop them on the list of earnings to stop at, it would be a very long list indeed.

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