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Inclusions Of A Bicycle Tour Of France

France is a breathtaking country that is actually ideal for taking a short or even long bicycle tour. The ideal bicycle tour of France will actually be dependent on how intense the rider wants the tour to be. There are different kinds of riders and many of these are actually non professional riders who just ride for the fun of it. Professional riders who train or ride in France may actually have been invited to join the Tour de France bicycle race.

Accommodations And Meals

A bicycle tour of France usually includes accommodations at scheduled overnight stops as well breakfast at the beautiful and picturesque hotels, chateaus and inns that are usually included in the bicycle tour. Some of the organizers of a bicycle tour of France usually include lunches at scheduled stops although there may be times when bikers are encouraged to venture out on free time. Dinners are usually included in the bicycle tour of France by most organizers since the tour usually reaches the allotted destinations before or by nightfall, unless a night ride is specified in the bicycle tour of France.

For a bicycle tour of France that take a few days, there is always a support vehicle that sweeps the roads and lanes that the bicycle tour has followed to check on anybody lagging behind or any injuries. In most cases, the support vehicle may also hand out snacks or fluids for those who wants some or the entire tour may actually take a snack stop and have a short picnic on the wayside. Some of the bicycle tours of France cover wine regions which may include wine tasting sessions and samplings of other local products which may be passed along the way of the tour.

Bicycles And Gear

Most bicycle tours of France offer bicycles to their tour participants to minimize the difficulty of the participants bringing their very own bicycle from their country of origin. The bicycles are usually of the same make with similar components. The sizes may vary depending on the height and built of the bikers. Cycling gear is also provided for individuals who will be joining the bicycle tour of France. The all important helmet along with bicycle emergency needs such as a patch kit, a pump, spare tube (tire) and carriers for personal belongings are often included in most of the tours offered. Other items may be provided upon request of the tour participant.

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