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Guided Bike Tours: The Pros and Cons

Guided bike tours are the right solution for a perfect vacation for novice and intermediate bikers. Irrespective of the earlier experience you possess in terms of bike tours, the well guided bike tours can take the pain off your shoulders with ease.

While there are myriad advantages associated with guided bike tours, there are quite a handful of negatives too. Read through this article to get an idea of the challenges involved in such guided bike tours and keep them at bay when you take up one in reality.

The Pros

Well planned guided bike tours from reputed and creditworthy agents offer you the privilege of enjoying a carefree and perfect vacation since the painful planning and tedious scheduling are no longer your headache.

The challenge that pop up in this regard is the possibility of your taste matching with the accommodation and meals offered to you. However, this can be overcome by getting the menu and hotel details clarified in advance.

In case of Tuscany bike tours, where the terrain is rough, you would have the assistance of a local guide who has got accustomed to the suitability of tracks and the topography of that area. This is very helpful with respect to biking through the challenging terrain and navigating the unknown parts of the world.

The support van offering is yet another remarkable accompaniment that comes with guided bike tours. In case you forget to take something that is critical, like the rain gear for the tour, this would never pose a problem since that would be taken up by the guide who plans, schedules and keeps you at peace throughout he journey.

Well planned itinerary, adherence to the planned itinerary, a knowledgeable guide, availability of support vans on time, sturdy bikes with good quality helmets, perfect contingency arrangements that could combat bad weather and ill health can really make the guided bike tours one of the most joyous and adventurous vacation that could become a lifetime memory.

The Cons

While guided bike tours are perfect for the newbie who is really new to the arena of bike touring, the adepts may find it tough to cope with one. A chunk of money is being spent to pay for the services offered in case of guided bike tours whereas this could be spent based on priority and tastes if it had been self guided.

The time that you get to relax is much less in case of guided bike tours. You might be forced to walk along the tide and do what the other people in your group do. If you really intend to spend time at a place of your choice, it might not be possible in case of guided bike tours. Strict adherence to plans and schedules would become mandatory with guided bike tours.

Expert bike tourists who already have good navigational capabilities may see the guided bike tours as an impediment to their independence.

With all this, the choice is always at your discretion. If you are not new to the arena of bike tours, self guided tours are the best that could offer you the best. So, make the final choice depending on your taste, temperament and experience!

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