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Bicycle Touring Tires: Taking Care of Them

One of the most implemental and important parts of any bicycle touring bike is the tires. Just like with the tires on a car, these are what are going to make the bike work and get you around from one place to the next. Especially with a touring bicycle, on which you are going to be spending days at a time for the most part, you are going to always need to make sure that the tires are in good shape and that they are never worn or have any holes.

For anyone who is interested in bicycle touring, there are a few tips on how to care for bicycle touring tires and which they are going to need to be aware of.

Checking Pressure

When it comes to caring for your bicycle touring tires, one of the most important steps that you will need to take is to check the tires for pressure. You want them to be full but not overly full because then the tires are almost going to bounce off the pavement and you are going to have difficult driving the bike.

This is something that you are going to want to do regularly to care for your bicycle touring tires to make sure that they are in the best condition.

Reattaching Tire

If you find that you do have a flat or a hole in the tire, then you are going to need to take the bicycle touring tires off, and then reattach them. Well you want to make sure that you are doing this properly so that you don’t hop on your bike and have the tires fall off. Have the right tools handy when you are doing this and you should always have oil so that you can use this in the joints on the bike when reattaching the tire.

Patching Tire

There are going to be some occasions on which all you have to do is patch the bicycle touring tires, and this is one of the simplest but most important tasks that you will need to take care of. You will need a few different tools and before you get started always check to see that there are no nails, glass or other sharp objects.

Always choose a patch that is of the appropriate size, otherwise you are going to have troubles when you are trying to patch the bike and fix it up so it is ready to use again.

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