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Arenal Paraiso Canopy Tour: Extraordinarily Wonderful

Many canopy tours are located internationally. A large part of the land covered in rainforests, Costa Rica alone, already provides several canopy tours that provides tourists a taste of the beauty of the natural environment. A well-known tourist attraction in Costa Rica is the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour. Situated at the Canyon of the Arenal River, the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour comes with a view of wonderful landscapes and lush rainforests. This tour could be one of the most exciting experiences you’d ever have.

It is not like other tours that begin with long hikes, the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour already starts with a short walk that will lead you to first of the 12 platforms. Here, canopy guides will brief you with important instructions and completely check all equipment. All harnesses and equipment are of top grade to ensure your safety. At the last platform, a shuttle will be waiting with food that would safely transport you back to the pick up point.

Utilizing strong steel cables and harnesses, a canopy tour is actually being a hundred feet above the ground and whooshed to one platform to another. With 11 cables more than 350 meters long, 80 meters in height and a total of 12 platforms, Arenal Paraiso canopy tour can bring you to excellent spots that will give you a great panoramic birds-eye view of two beautiful waterfalls and a vast terrain of tropical rainforest.

The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour provides a unique approach to tourists so thay can explore the ecosystem of the Costa Rica rainforests without disturbing it. It is very important to preserve and protect the natural habitat and this canopy tour provides a way for people to enjoy the beauty of nature without endangering the environment.

Many people are now searching for more ways to have a break aside from the usual swimming, sight-seeing, biking, hiking, snorkeling and diving activities. The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour offers a new and unique adventure. The adrenaline rush of gliding, as if you’re flying, makes this one of the most remarkbale experience in a person’s life. The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour can be enjoyed by tourists from ages 8 to 70. For loved ones and group of friends, this is a perfect venue to enjoy and relish experiences that will truly be unforgettable.

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