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American Bicycle Racing: The Tour Of Missouri

One of the most interesting of all American bicycle racing events, the Tour of Missouri that sees cyclists riding across more than six hundred miles is certainly a premier event that attracts some of the top cyclists from the world. The state of Missouri is known to offer some very deceptive topography and this in turn means that cyclists taking part in this excellent American bicycle racing will need to cross rivers and climb steep hills and of course the Ozarks have their share of climbs that never seem to end – all of which makes the Tour of Missouri a very demanding and challenging race.

Tough And Demanding

It is therefore expected that only the cyclist with the strongest body and best stamina and who is an expert will be able to win a race as tough and demanding as the Tour of Missouri. This particular American bicycle racing begins in St. Louis on Labor Day (7th September,) and once the race gets underway it means having to negotiate a ten lap and seventy-mile circuit over fast as well as flat terrain that of course suits the sprinters the most and who will almost certainly be seen wearing the leader’s jersey at the end of this first stage.

Then, this American bicycle racing will require that cyclists start from Ste. Genevieve they will then have to compete to win this stage that spans about one hundred and twelve miles – finishing at Cape Girardeau. This time the terrain will be hilly though only moderately so and the feature of this stage is its finishing circuit.

After this stage, the Tour of Missouri will start off from Farmington and will mean cycling for another one hundred odd miles through the Northern Ozark Mountains till the cyclists reach Rolla. From there, this American bicycle racing takes the cyclists on a tour from St. James to Jefferson City with the finish boasting of a three hundred meter uphill sprint that will tax the strength and stamina of the cyclists to the extreme.

The next stage begins at Sedalia and involves a short approximate eighteen mile race around the Missouri State Fairgrounds and from here the cyclists will need to climb some hilly terrain beginning at Chillicothe and ending at St. Joseph.

At the end of a week of racing the cyclists will conclude this American bicycle racing by riding over a hilly circuit through Kansas City streets during which two King of the Mountain points can be earned by the best riders over the mountain stages.

All this grueling racing requires that in order to stand a chance of winning a bicycle racing each competitor will need to undergo bicycle race training of the toughest type. This in turn means making changes to your lifestyle and diet and of course you will need to put in lots of effort in performing demanding exercises and workouts; and a lot more.

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