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All About The Italian Bicycle Race Called The Giro d’Italia

When people think about an Italian bicycle race they generally think about the famous race called the Giro d’Italia which is actually the Tour of Italy bicycle race that was first run in the year 1909. This particular Italian bicycle race is one that involves racing over long distances and which takes place each year during the months May and through to early June.

Twenty-One Different Stages

The Giro d’Italia is an Italian bicycle race in which there are a total of twenty-one different stages consisting of time trials and racing up the mountains as well as over flats and the race involves negotiating the different topography of the rugged Alp Mountains as well as the Dolomite mountains.

All in all, cyclists taking part in this Italian bicycle race will need to, among other things, race in streets that are steeped in history and then they will have to scale some fearsome volcanoes and then they will have to vend their ways down some of the most spectacular coastal regions in Italy. What’s more, a few sections of the Giro d’Italia are conducted outside Italy and this is what makes this particular Italian bicycle race so very interesting.

Known simply as The Giro, this Italian bicycle race is one among three main European professional races and it is as tough and demanding as the others that include the Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana or Tour de Spain. During each stage the leaders in this Italian bicycle race are given different jerseys that signify their prowess and standing of the best cyclists in the race classifications.

The pink jersey is worn by the overall leader in the race and it is of course also the jersey that the final winner of the Giro d’Italia wears. There is also points classification and whoever is the leader will be wearing the mauve jersey that recognizes that the wearer is the fastest sprinter and this is jersey is next only in importance to the pink jersey.

Then there is the King of the Mountain or the green jersey that is given to the racer that scores maximum points which are given to the racer that reaches the mountain tops ahead of others. Other jerseys given to racers taking part in the Giro include the white jersey and the blue jersey and also the black jersey.

Today, almost everyone that has an interest in bicycle racing has heard of Lance Armstrong who is an American cyclist that has dominated the world of bicycle racing. However, there are also many famous cyclists that have raced in and won American bicycle races. In fact, at home in America there are other cyclists that enjoy as much if not more popularity as does Lance Armstrong including names such as Andy Hampsten and Greg LeMond as too George Hincapie.

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